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While I do teach beginning and intermediate guitar to all ages, I specialize in helping more advanced players create effective guitar solos. I'm also available as a consultant for musicians developing their composition and arranging skills.

I'm mostly self taught but spent several years studying classical guitar privately and music theory in college.  I continue to take lessons myself and am always improving my playing and comfort with the guitar. I seem to have always had a knack for composing and arranging, especially for film. I've scored several shorts, web commercials, silent films and theater productions and arranged strings and other instruments for other musicians' albums. I've also arranged a lot of classical music for the rock band The Invincible Czars. I can help guide you. 

DISCLAIMER - I can't MAKE you a good musician.  Only you can do that through regular practice.

Guitar lesson policies and rates:  ADULTS  KIDS

Contact me or 512-656-0357.



Never played the instrument before?  I can help you get started!  You'll learn the very basics of how to make a good sound on the guitar from how to hold the pick to eliminating unnecessary string noise.  You'll develop your finger strength and coordination.  You'll gain a sense of rhythm, tempo and pitch  and ultimately begin playing easy songs.  It starts slowly, but laying the foundation for your musical future takes time.  Invest the time, and you'll get better quicker!

Been playing a while and ready to take a leap to a new level of knowledge/ability?  I can help with that, too! In a first lesson, I can help you evaluate where you are and where you want to be.  Then, I create course of action for getting there.  You can be as involved in that creation process as you want or you  can simply follow my usual course of learning.    You'll get a healthy dose of fretboard work, right and left hand exercises, music theory, interval recognition, chord knowledge, scales, techniques and practical applications for all of them. 




Are you frustrated with your guitar solos?   Are you struggling to learn a solo from a recording you love?  Have you hit a wall with your current bag of tricks?  Are you new to playing lead lines on guitar and need help getting started?

I can help!

You don't have to be an advanced player with a mastery of a whole bunch of techniques to learn how to create an effective guitar solo.  Shredding is great but some of the most memorable solos and lead lines are relatively simple - think "Sweet Child O' Mine" or anything by the Beatles' George Harrison!

You just need a few tools, some direction and one good idea to get going.

Regardless of your chosen genre, I can help you make your soloing and lead playing better.  Here some samples of guitar solos I've created in four different styles.   Surf  Country Metal  Swing/Jazz

Even if you're an improvisor, working out a basic framework for a solo can refresh your palette and put some new colors on it for future exploration.

I can help you develop your voice as a soloist with tools like phrasing, tone, note sequences, right/left hand technique, singing along and developing a theme.  Depending upon your own level of playing, you may want or need several lessons or just one or two. 

About my own adventures in soloing -

When I started playing guitar in 1990, solos were passe.  I played guitar for years without learning anything more advanced than the intro riff to "La Grange".   As my tastes matured, I began to realize that I was re-inventing the wheel.  All my best ideas were simply centuries old music theories that I stumbled upon.  I sought the help of a teacher and delved into learning my favorite licks and songs from guitarists with recognizable styles like Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Reverend Horton Heat and Duane Dennison.  My playing took an almost immediate leap and over the course of a year, my overall musicianship improved.  I began developing my own voice. 

I now pass this same approach along to others - even advanced musicians that don't play guitar!




Want to add strings to your song or album but don't know where to start? Working on music for a short film and the director suddenly tells you he wants something that sounds like a John Williams soundtrack? Added horns to your band and unable to communicate what you want from them? Never fear - I can help. Contact me with details of your project or needs and we'll determine a course of action to achieve your goal!


 jjsnibor @ gmail . com



 CONTACT: jjsnibor @ gmail . com


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