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I like Les Pauls.  They sound good.  They feel right.  They're heavy but... I deal with it.

I also have a Mr. Rogers based naming convention for my instruments.

I still play my first electric guitar.  It's a black Samick my parents bought for me on my 15th birthday.  It's name is King Friday VIII.  It's seen a lot of action and had several pickups, tuning keys, saddles, knobs and stickers come and go.  It took years for me to truly appreciate this guitar.  It's actually as good a Korean-made guitar as you can buy and has a great fingerboard.  It currently has a Seymour Duncan TwangBanger in it and has been my country guitar.

My oldest guitar is Lady Elaine Fairchilde - a Les Paul Standard from 1978.  It has a maple neck and as far as I know this was the only time Gibson put maple necks on Les Pauls.  For that reason, the thing sound more like a Telecaster in some situations - especially since I intalled a coil tap on the bridge pickup.  I also it retrofitted with the Buzz Feiten tuning system which I do not regret in the least!  The pickups have changed many times - the orginals were pretty lame, in my opinion.  It currently has a Seymour Duncan Custom in the bridge and a Gibson 498(???) in the neck.   I've played this guitar more and longer than any other but recently I got more into fingerpicking and hybrid picking and Lady Elaine's extra slim fingerboard and tight string spacing make that stuff really hard so I recently acquired...


Henrietta Pussycat.  A Les Paul Standard from 2003 with a lovely cherryburst finish.  Henrietta is currently just a stock Les Paul with Burstbucker pickups.  I was impressed with the Burstbuckers so they stay for now... but I suspect I'll probably get tired of the covered pick up sound and replace them in Seymour Duncans in the future.  Henrietta's frets don't feel as good to me.  I'm thinking of having them replaced for smoother play.  That said, her fingerboard and string spacing are just right.  I keep the action a little higher than on Lady Elaine and bending notes is actually way easier even with heavy strings.  Henrietta's the perfect guitar for Sweetmeat!  Warm, clear tone.

I also have a Seagull acoustic guitar that needs a name.  

My amp is a Fender Tonemaster head made in the early 90s out of a 2x12 Avatar cabinet with Avatar's Hellatone speakers - which are just Celestions.  The Tonemaster was made by Fender's Custom Shop and there aren't a ton of them out there.  It's all point-to-point wiring (no circuit boards) and sounds more like a Marshall than any Marshall I've ever owned.  The A channel sounds like a Bassman - not super clean like a Twin Reverb.  The B channel has some pretty intense gain and when the A channel's master is turned above 3, the B channel sounds even more clear and crisp. 



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Taco! Taco! Taco! from John Estrada on Vimeo.