I could’ve been born at any time in the past or future but here I am now.

I’m a 41 year old white male living in the most powerful country that ever has ever existed on this planet as far as any of us know. How lucky and rare is that? Of all the people on the Earth right now, I’m one of the truly privileged.

In addition to that, I’m living in a “future” that the younger me didn’t dream would come about in my lifetime – the internet, smart phones, AIDS is now a treatable disease. Things that seem like parts of the sci-fi novels and comic books I read as a kid are right around the corner – CRISPR, self driving cars, renewable energy.

It’s a lot to take in and as exciting as some of this stuff is, the side effects of all this advancement can be pretty scary. Technology evolves quickly but we don’t. At least not right now. (That reminds me of a thought I had once – evolution sped up might be the same thing is as mass extinction.)

Still… I loved a bit by comedian Dan Cummins about how his father talked about how he’d like to live in the 1800s. Cummins’ logic about this is hilarious. The Hygiene of the day alone is enough to make you glad you were born after the discovery of penicillin.

Sure, I have to live with the effects of social media and cell phones on our psyches and driving habits, fake news and North Korean nuclear armament but at least I probably won’t die from polio in my life, have a life expectancy longer ever in history and get to live most of it with air conditioning.

Now is all we have. We can’t go back even a second. We can only move forward at the same rate as always – one second at a time.

I’m trying to be more in the now. A helpful person recently told me that the past and future will take care of themselves when you focus on the present. I hope that’s true.







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