GRATITUDE JOURNAL – Day 7 – Deep Connections

I watched this video¬†of Simon Sinek recently in which he talks about millennials in the workplace and how they’ve been dealt a “bad hand.” One of the problems he sees for this younger generation is a lack of deep connections which he links to overuse of social media. (I tend to agree with this assessment.)

Listening to him, I wondered, “How could anyone go through their life without deep connections?” I guess people do.

I don’t.

In fact, I go through life with LOTS of connections I find to be deep and enriching. These are people who come running when I’m in crisis and vice versa. They support me and what I’m doing. They humble me because I often think they’re better to me than I am to them. These are people with whom I share my deepest thoughts, my darkest fears. I will admit, I can lean in to the territory of over-sharing. I like connecting with others. However, I think it takes courage, vulnerability and willingness on the part of both parties to really connect ¬†deeply and I know I have that.

It takes quality people.

I suppose “quality people” is a subjective term. For me, quality people choose the high road even when things get tough. They genuinely care about others and themselves. They to maintain their values and ideals even when tested or questioned but are also flexible enough to consider other points of view. The best among them are not only confident enough to be honest with themselves and their friends but kind enough to use tact and compassion. They share their innermost selves and accept others’. They understand the value of interdependence over independence and practice it.

Some of my deep connections are family but the vast majority these are friends simply because of sheer numbers. I’ve been going through the hardest period of my life this spring/summer and I will be forever grateful for the outpouring of support and love I’ve been given by my closest and even some of my not-as-close friends and family.

I love all of you. I may never be able to repay you in the same way that you’ve honored me with your support. Frankly, I hope you’ll never need it. If you ever do, I’ll be there.

Thank you.

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