GRATITUDE JOURNAL – DAY 17 – Bruno B. Badcat Robins Austin (RIP)

I spent the last two days crying from the loss of the best cat I’ve ever had. In spite of how rude he was, we were best buddies.

I chose Bruno from the Townlake Animal Shelter (now Austin Pets Alive) in 2004. I saw his picture on their site – a real novelty in those days – and went right down and got him. He sat with me for 20 minutes, completely calm.

What a faker. The moment I let him out of the cardboard carrier the shelter gave me to take him home, he was like a lightning bolt.  With teeth and claws. He always seemed to think that biting (hard!) and (deeply) clawing at flesh was a good way to show his affection to humans.

Other than me, Evelyn Goss, Greg Yancey and Dave Irish all suffered physical lacerations at the paws of Bruno’s tough love.

Later in life, Bruno became a pee-er. I nearly killed him a couple of times for ruining stuff — and not just mine!  Austin Luminais had to throw out all kinds of stuff.  I paid him back by moving all his other possessions into and out of storage one summer.

Bruno loved to sidle up and cuddle hard. He would wake me up most mornings with a slow claw to my eyelid. He loved food. In his younger years, he’d eat all his food and then scare the dog (Fajita) away from her food and eat all of it, too.

ugh!  Bruno could be a real pest at times but I won’t ever forget him and I’m so grateful for his companionship over the last 13 years.